Sutera rises over fields of wheat.
One of our first nights here. We are at a cafe/bar in Caltanisetta with friends.
Caving at Monte Conca with Salvatore, Giuseppe, Allesandro and Maria (not in photo). One of our favorite places in Montedoro - Angelo's fruta e verdura store. You can find everything here.
Mary Rose, Pina and Daniela at Pina's table. These three women are all very special to us - they help us out a lot. We live in Pina's house. We got silly one night at the home of Leonardo and Valentina.

Trying out the new bathroom in Leonardo's and Valentina's modern apartment.

What a room! What a couple!

We love this place. Comfy and modern. Very chic.

On our tour of Mussomeli we learned about the confraternities that march in the processions and the robes they wear. Remy digs in his heels on a crater at Mt. Etna - stirring up some dust- hot shoes! Remy explores a house caught in a lava flow.
Peter, Remy and I at the villa with Fabio, Davide, Giovanni and Mario drinking some wine and beer. A festa at Casteltermini.
Re-enactment of events during the time of Arabic rule. Unruly bulls in the procession at Casteltermini.
Remy getting the royal tour of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento with three archeologists- Daniela, Allessandro and Carolina. Another tour with friends at the Mussomeli Castle. From left to right: Remy, Calogero, Kathy, Cinzia Abbate, Ilenea (Cinzia's daughter), Lina Ruffino, Adele (Lina and Calogero's daughter) and Maria Teresa Catania., our guide.
Anne Maria Schifano, Lina Ruffino, Maria Teresa and Maria Messina (our guides and interpreter at Mussomeli). Two Sicilian angels in front of the mermaid fountain in Mondello. The crowded beach in Mondello.
A boat scene in Mondello. Rainstorm in Montedoro.
A sheeps' eye view overlooking Cefalu. Sunset over the clouds from the terrace of our hotel in Erice.
A magical moment with our adult children, Remy and Carly. A scene that inspires philosophical wisdom.
We now only communicate in Sicilian gestures. Peter, Kathy, Carly and Remy above the clouds in Erice.
Segesta Temple. Inside Segesta Temple with four American statues.
A perfect hot Sunday in Sicily - at the beach with a group of friends. This place is called Scala di Turche (Turkish Steps) on the coast near Agrigento.

The group with our special chalk treatment. Under Maria's instructions we wet two rocks and rubbed them together until we got a white paste which we then applied to our bodies.

From left to right: Zsofia (from Hungary), Sandris (from Latvia), Carly, Caroline (from Belgium), Maria, Kathy, Giuseppe, Daniela and Peter in the front.

The group walking to our deserted beach where we spent the day. Walking home at the end of the day - Carly and Kathy.
A kiss for the "sage" (wise woman). Carly in the giant fig trees in Palermo. A Carly and Pina loving moment.
Montedoro hosting a star party at the observatory. There were astronomers with their telescopes from all over Sicily. Our friend and the organizer of the event, Pietro Petix sharing information about the observatory with our group. (Kathy, Mary Rose, Davide and Giocchino and Giuseppe are looking on.