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Calendar 2008

June 18: Kathy and Peter arrive in Catania Sicily via Rome. On the way to Montedoro - stop in Serradifalco for Pranzo at Mary Rose and Gioacchino's house. Attend the Feast of San Calogero events in Montedoro.

June 19: Montedoro and Serradifalco. In the evening went to dinner at elped Giuseppe serenade Maria.


Calendar 2006

April 11 : Kathy and Peter arrive in Catania Sicily via Philadelphia and Rome. Lead a tour of Sicily with a group from Nature Discoveries

April 12: Piazzza Armeriana and Catagirone

April 13 (Holy Thursday): Caltanisetta and Montedoro

April 14 (Good Friday): Montedoro and Serradifalco

April 15: Tour of area - Serradifalco market, Canicatti restaurant, Mussomeli Castle, Sutera

April 16: Agrigento, San Biagio di Platani, Erice

April 17; Erice

April 18: Segesta, Palermo

April 19: Cefalu

April 20: Cefalu and Madonie Mountains

April 21: Gangivechhio

April 22: Taormina, Catania

April 23: Mt. Etna (a small group also visited Siracusa)

April 24: Group departed for the U.S., Kathy and Peter begin vacation, Caltanisetta with friends

April 25: Liberation Day (italian holiday) Caltanisetta and Serradifalco with friends, in the evening we came to Montedoro to begin our stay here in Pina Saia's house.

April 26 - 29: Settled into the Montedoro life - visiting friends, taking the long walk on the Toretta Road, shopping at Angelo's market, sleeping, and updating the web page.

Calendar 2005


May 8 : Kathy and Peter arrive in Sicily via NYC and Rome.

May 9- 15: Visited friends and family in Montedoro and Serradifalco

May 15: Depart for Catania

May 16: Remy, Peter's son, arrives in Catania

May 17: Visit Taormina and Etna then return to Montedoro

May 18-19: Montedoro and Serradifalco

May 20: Agrigento, Mussomelli, Casteltermini

May 21: Leave for Palermo and Mondello

May 22: Return to Montedoro/Serradifalco for a party for Carly and Remy at Allessandro's campagna

May 23: leave for Cefalu

May 25: Erice and Segesta

May 26: Palermo

May 27: Remy departs and Carly, Kathy and Peter return to Montedoro

June 1: Carly departs

June 14: Kathy and Peter depart

Calendar 2004

December 30: We arrive in Sicily via Milan

December 31: Celebrate New Year's Eve in Montedoro

January 1: New Year's Day

January 6: Feast of the Epiphany, we spent it in Piano degli Albanase

January 15: Feast of San Mauro, Aci Castello

No visitors are scheduled for January, it will be a month of getting settled into village life, finding a car and learning Italian.


Carnival, begins on 18th goes until 24th (Shove Tuesday).

February 21 - March 1: Carol and Wally Muth visit. Explore the Etna, Catania, Taormina and participate in Carnivale activities in Sciacca.

March 11 - 22: Peg and Paul Gefell visit.

March 19: St. Joseph's Day, is a big event around the island.

March 22th leave for Morocco from Catania

March 29th arrive back in Sicily

March 30th Eduardo and Leon arrive.

April 1: Eduardo and Leon leave Sicily

April 2: Carly and Gina arrive in Sicily

April 5: Carly, Gina, Peter and I visit Enna, Vulquenera, and Caltigrone

April 3: Angela and Steve arrive in Italy.

April 6: We meet up with Angela and Steve in Taormina and travel back together to Montedoro by way of Catania

April 7-12: Holy week events around the island.

April 13 - 14: leave for Rome, visit Santo Stefano

April 15: Amalfi Coast, Atrani and Amalfi

April 16-18: Rome all together

April 18: Carly and Gina depart

April 18-25: travel in Italy with Angela and Steve - Rome, Assisi, Venice, Florence.

April 25: we return to Sicily by ferry from Naples after visiting Pompeii

April 26: return to Montedoro

May 1 - 6: Sam and Linda Fedele visit

May 2: attend Santa Lucia Festival in Siracusa

May 3: visit the Vendecari Reserve near Noto

May 16: Flower Festival in Noto

May 12 - 26: Phyllis Labanowski visits (camping trips to Stromboli, Madonnie Mountains and Zingara Reserve)

June 4 - 10: Laura and E.J. Durgin come to visit

June 10: Feast of Corpus Christi (major event in Montedoro)

June 18: Feast of Saint Calogero (special festival in this region of Sicily)

June 14 - 20: Linda Letta and Tom Mitrano come to visit

June 19: Our Going Away party in our apartment

Depart for U.S. on June 24th